So, what are we all using?


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Not so much an assistance based question, but I wanted it to be a public thread so that any passer by migh be able to pick up something from it!


What are people using to create these days?

Digitally I'm pretty much always in photoshop, and still striving to improve (though I probably could make use of more tutorials and things to actually push myself! Anyone got any good ones to share??). I dug up the link to my favourite brushes to use: in case anyone else wanted to give them a try! I'm still not great with digital linework- I know it takes a tonne of practice, plus I think a lot of folk use SAI or something for lines? Buuuut I'm still also pretty happy with my usual of doing the original drawing in pencil and scanning for colouring. Layers are bliss, but I've also found I do some of my (best? favourite?) 'painterly' pieces when I do all the colouring on a single layer. I think it makes me more carefuly somehow, and treat it a bit more like a painting?

I've also built up quite a collection of markers and ink pens, which I haven't done a lot of Star Wars with but had a grand inktober doing a bunch of (mostly) wildlife and pets and stuff. I don't think I could ever possibly own too many ink pens.


I wish I could get the hang of anything digital. I could do some cool stuff with old mspaint, but I've never fully recovered from the the overhaul after winxp. I can't get Gimp to do anything but laugh hysterically at me, but my kids keep me busy drawing things for them on good ol' fashioned paper. Still yellow paper, though.  Legal pads are the best!

When I grow up I plan on not feeling like I'm clinging to stone-age technology.

That's my 2 cents. I'm gonna need em back though; I'm saving up for nice things.


Ha! I never tried Gimp (actually, I've only ever worked in Painter X and Photoshop, and even then I really only stick with Photoshop through familiarity - I had to find a colour wheel to add to it though, don't know if newer versions have one automatically but I was so lost until I had one). Had a go at Flash once, ended up screaming at the computer and vowing to never touch that heathen program again. Gonna take a stab that you've never invested in a tablet? It makes a world of difference, honestly (though with practice people have certainly done awesome things with a mouse).

If you're ever feeling inclined to take a crack at digital (colouring pencil work with it, for example) let me know and I'd love to help you through even just a couple of basics!


I'm almost exclusively a pencil and Tombow guy.  I do my colors in photoshop, when I get around to it.  I am experimenting with some new pens, though....

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Pencil, ink liners (Including a new brush-tip I'm stoked to use), markers, and now featuring Autodesk Sketchbook PRO! That's right, PRO! Comes with a new flipbook animation feature that's wholly useless, sense it can't export video format, only PNGs! But hey, color pucks and layer locking!


Hahaha I'm always curious about animation features!! So what, it lets you flip between individual images in the program? But they only exist as individual images- you'd have to use them all somewhere else to actually put them together as a video?

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That is correct. I know HOW to do it, but I don't have the patience. Plus, freakin Windows Movie maker... I almost used it to make a Game Grumps animation, but my brain "couldn't repel college finals of that magnitude."