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Hey i been a member of this site now for a couble of years and i have a question. I really like this site and i have done a few request but i would like to be a little more active here.

My question how inportant is it to have your picutures colored. I love drawing peoples characters but often time i just dont have time to color them. Even now i see lots of request i would like to work on but i dont know if i will be able to color them so i pass them by. I thought when i filled out the aplication to be a member it said they perfered colored work but like i said how inportant is that aspect to the art?

If coloring is really inportant than i will try to take request only if i think i will have time to color them but like i said if people are ok with line art then i would be able to be much more active as i would not have to worry if i will have time to color pics.



I think that's something you should probably work out with the requester. Everyone loves a color image, but if you don't have time for that and the requester is cool with black & white, I don't see why that's a problem.



Collaborations are also ok - if you want to draw something, but you don't think you'll have time to color, you can just ask around and someone might want to work with you.


I've colored one of your pieces before - it was a blast, and everyone loved it! You have a nice line style that makes it easy for someone else to color.


You should do a whole Gallery worth of "Star Wars Coloring Book" pictures... Then we can put them all together and sell it :)


Yeah, I see absolutely no problem with offering black and white or lineart pieces- after all, at the end of the day, it's FREE, CUSTOM art that we're offering! I mean if someone is super keen on colour and would rather have the request not filled at all than have a black and white piece, that's their call, but I'm pretty sure most folk would be pleased at having their request picked up at all. And like Asok said- no problem with collaborating, there'll always be the option for someone else to add colour later!

Some of the nicest stuff ON this site is black and white!