Tailon, Imperial Agent


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The Kalerish System

Hello, artists! If it wouldn't be to much trouble, I would like to request an Imperial Character, because I can not draw for the life of me, and am still in the process of learning how.


Tailon is a young but ambitious Imperial Security Enforcer. He is a young, brisk man in his late 20s. He has a short hair style with slight sideburns, which have a dirty blond/ light brown color. Standing at about 5.8 feet tall, he has a young but stern face and features. While not overly muscular, he is well built, and seemingly in peak condition. He has a white skin tone with the slightest tinge of tan (As to not appear pasty pale).


Clothing wise, he is wearing a black/grey Imperial Officers uniform under greyish-purple combat armor (Similar in design to Stormtrooper chest armor). He also has the same colored armor along his arms and legs, with high fitting Officer boots. On his chest armor, he should also bear a ranking insignia of an Imperial Agent (One row, 2 blue next to two red horizontal bars inside the vertical row)

Pose wise, it would like to be surprised! He can either be standing at erect attention, toting around an E-11 Blaster Rifle, or whatever. I hope this is doable by someone, and I cant wait to see how he comes out :)