Starbolt-class Assault Carrier

Hello all.  I would like to submit a request for a picture of the Starbolt-class Assault Carrier from Dangerous Covenants, one of FFGs books.  Unfortunately, they neglected to put in a picture or even a description, so, here we go.  First, what is known.  This ship is a CEC design so it should share something in common with the corellian corvette and the YT-1300.  It has two Dorsal (top) turbolaser turrets, and two Ventral (bottom) heavy ion cannon turrets.  It also has two light turbolasers each port and starboard, not on turrets, and forward it has two proton torpedo launchers and a heavy tractor beam.  Length is not mentioned, but a fan D6 conversion I found via the Rancor Pit site said 385 meters and given everything else, that sounds about right, so I'll go with that.  It can also carry two starfighter squadrons, and a variety of speeders. 

What isn't known is the basic shape, so here goes.  For the main hull, I figure something circular, more like a YT-1300 without the front prongs.  The turrets on top would be on the front left and back right, and the turrets on the bottom would be reversed, front right and back left.  The hangers would be one per side with the light turbolasers flanking them.  In the back would be the typical big corellian engines.  Given that there is no other way stated for these speeders to get to a planet, it should look like it could land.  And finally for a bridge/command section, something like the corellian corvette's hammerhead, but on its side, so the hammerheads are pointing up and down.  I'm kinda putting it up to the artist as to where to put it, attached to the main hull, part of the main hull, sticking out front, up to you.  Overall, my only requirement is that it doesn't look like a YT-1300 on growth pills, but looks like what the guy who designed the YT-1300 would do if he designed this. 

Anyway, I hope this interests someone.  Thanks for looking.