S'Rath'na'tnko Nikto force sensitive martial artist morgukai character


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S'Rath'naTnko (pronounced Sirath na tenako) is a force senstive Red Nikto Morgukai , (for reference check out Wookieepedia for Morgukai, and the character Master Ima Gun Di from the Clone Wars series). 

He was trained from an early age as a Morgukai warrior in the Old Republic Era circa 3000 BBY. In the FFG Star wars Rpg he is a Guardian - Warden. Essentially a force sensitive tank style character that concentrates on melee , and more specifically fighting unarmed, although his fighting style is more pragmatic, than traditional martial arts (look up World War 2 combatives , which have since become core training for special forces unarmed fighting, it is designed to be brutal, rather than defensive in natue). The Warden also focuses on Coercion as a skill meaning that he is more of an Enforcer style character.

For a numbef of years he served the Morgukai by acting as a spy on a Hutt while, ultimately being a slave to that Hutt, and had to go on the run whe someone "outed" him as being a spy which then sent him on the run. Although he acts on the side of good, his techniques as you can guess are far from good, Fear is his weapon. Although his face is unmarked he does have several battle and training scars as well as a slave brand on his upper arm. which is the Desijidic clan n symbol( same clan as Jabba)

His costume is similar to that , that was planned for Quinlan Vos for his Dark Disciple story arc in the clone wars which remains unfinished. Essentiall dark coloured armless tunic,  ( The Hutt clan tattoo, marks him as slave property and this helps him with the Coercion). 

While working for the Hutt he acted like a first rssponder and bring them back alive bounty hunter. Being sent to chase down people for his hutt master , or occasionally being sent on rescue missions to save other useful slaves that had been sent on operations. On the slave operatio n side of things he was second only to a Keldor who operated as thd Hutt's Majordomo, who was in tur n a Jedi spy who was keeping their eye on the same Hutt, and it was this Keldor who ultimately helped him get away from the Hutt, and also revealed that S'Rath was force sensitive. For force powers , he doesnt axtually have anything flashy, having 2 main abilities , one to shut down enemy force users during combat and the second to "debuff" close range opponents.

When taking down opponents he does so with the minimum of harm, preferring to keep them alive if possible. His goal is to help slaves in the galaxy , and fighting the oppression of the Hutts and also trying to hunt down the Nikto that betrayed him to his master, ultimately causing him to lose honor in the eyes of Morgukai , who now have instructions to kill on sight. Recently in game the Jedi died at the hands of some unknown dark side corruption that it has also now become his goal to eradicate (a kind of tree type creature that sucks the life out of a planet covering it with swathes of darkness and leaving crystalline type plant material behind. 



Man, I'd be all over this if I wasn't in an extended artist's funk right now.  Someone better pick this up!  Love the concept.