Smart for a lizard. Too smart.

Yet another member of the Mos Eisley Shuffle crew, Rukskka or just "'Ska" to races less inclined to attempting the pronunciation of languages that create a similar sensation to hocking a loogie of ronto spit is the first mate and bounty hunting partner of the wild Miraluka cowgirl Captain Tyria Vellar-to whom 'Ska owes a life debt. He is an imposing figure to look upon despite his penchant for what can only be thought of as extremely loud Hawaiian shirts. He's the smartest lizard most folks are likely to meet in their lifetime for his innate cunning, and at a glance it is not hard to believe his thrilling stories of death-defying hunts. He serves jointly as the party's chief tactician, as well as the helmsman of their ship and the big guns. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt, reminiscing over his trophy collection, and playing games of strategy such as dejarik with his crewmates.

Name: Rukskka "'Ska" Sajjad
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 270 lbs
Species: Trandoshan
Home Planet: Trandosha
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Brief Description:
-Very Tall
-Muscular Build with a Heavyset Frame
-Mottled Green Scales
-Amber Eyes, Slitted Horizontally
-Short, Heavy Jaw
-Small Rearward Pointing Horns
-Tends to wear cargo pants ripped into shorts, and a number of extremely loud, gauche Hawaiian-style shirts
-Orange Tinted Wraparound 
-Bulky Rebreather and Blast Collar
-Extremely Worn Durasteel Torso Armor
-Numerous bits and pieces of scavenged armor in varying states of disrepair, including recognizable pieces of repainted Stormtrooper armor
-Stormtrooper Utility Belt Worn as a Bandolier
-Double Leather Shoulder Holsters
-Uncharacteristically polite for a Trandoshan, though fails to grasp the etiquette of formal society
-Very perceptive and calculating, often thought of as too smart for a lizard (In a "Clever girl", Jurassic Park sort of way)
-Excellent Hunter, Tracker, and Tactician
-Very noble and loyal to his partner, captain, friend, and ghrakhowsk (Together they have a sort of Han and Chewie dynamic), often dragging her from bar fights or carrying her drunk back to the ship
-Dark Sense of Humor

Gratuitously Lengthy Description:
Though still young 'Ska is pretty big for a Trandoshan and in excellent physical shape, his limbs thick with sinew and muscle. The hard armored scales that cover his body are a mottled green and usually appear without a scratch due to his regular molting. His eyes are large amber orbs slitted horizontally with black irises and set above a long snout with a heavy jaw and rows of small, pointed fangs.  'Ska's head is crested with a row of rear-ward pointed bony spines, with a pair of small horns protruding from just above his ear holes. He likes to wear a pair of orange-tinted panoramic-lensed wrap-around electrogoggles and a bulky rebreather mask integrated into a collar unit with breathing tubes attached to an air-tank on the back of the collar. The armored collar is paired with a beaten up heavy durasteel armored cuirass. It has clearly taken loads of damage shown by the scars and carbon scoring that have worn away the paint beyond caring, and has seen numerous field-repairs and up-armors via fusion torch. What remains of the paint are a few dark red splashes of here-and-there, chiefly on the singular left-shoulder pauldron. The thick metal carapace protects 'Ska well enough, though the weight makes it beyond use for less physically built species. Underneath his armor the eccentric Trandoshan has an odd affinity for wearing lose-fitting, brightly colored casual button-down shirts most of which are patterned with ostentatious and downright gauche pictures of flowers, exotic birds, cute animals, starships, and so on. 

 'Ska also wears a pair of dark brown cargo pants cut into shorts with a light utility belt. On the job he tends to perform battlefield pickups of weapons and armor, taking whatever will fit and carrying it as long as it can serve him-so by the end of longer contracts he can appear somewhat comical with all manner of mismatched armor and makeshift scrap materials for reinforcement since his particular anatomy prevents him from wearing the vast majority of armor, gloves, and footwear available in the occupied galaxy. This scavenging has resulted in him re-purposing bits of recognizable armor and equipment such as that of stormtroopers, clone troopers, Rebels, and more into his kit-such as the stormtrooper utility belt worn across his chest as a baldric with a leather double-shoulder holster for his dual blasters.

Ska wields paired EE-3 blaster carbines in lieu of blaster pistols, taking advantage of his large stature. He personally customized them by chopping off the stocks to make them lighter and more manageable . He wears them both in a leather shoulder holster for a double-cross draw. When pursuing particularly dangerous quarries he prefers DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle for superior firepower and flexibility, carrying a quick detach electroscope, a folding support bipod, and a scomp cable to slice into nearby power conduits or reprogram power droids to follow alongside him for use as mobile extended power. His most visually imposing weapon however is his traditional Trandoshan chalon sword, made from chalon ore so heavy as to be unweildable by smaller species. His is more akin to a machete in terms of size and function, with a forward curved blade that is heavier at the end like a Nepalese khukri which he wears across the small of his back.