RPG Character Portraits? Please Help! [Asok]

Hello all!

I'm about to begin playing in two separate Star Wars campaigns, both to be played using the new FFG system. For my two characters I've used screen-shots of Battlefront and SWTOR avatars, but I think that the characters can be given greater life through the skills of an amazing artist.

My character concepts are summarised below, and include links to the character's full sheet and backstory:

Riley (Human Female, Force-Sensitive Rebel Pilot) - http://swsheets.com/c/uqdvwyvbs-riley - An optimistic girl who was discovered and raised by Wookiees. She left Kashyyyk due to the efforts of a skilled blockade runner, and afterward joined his crew as a pilot/co-pilot. When the captain came into conflict with the ship's doctor over whether the crew should be working for the Alliance, Riley took her leave of the freighter in order to join the Rebellion. (Please note, whilst I am particularly proud of this character's background as it appears in the above link, it is of a longer-than-average length!).


Yeyani (Mirialan Female, Force-Sensitive Smuggler) - http://swsheets.com/c/4oy8t6dpp-yeyani - Unlike her fellow younglings on Mirial, Yeyani had no sense of personal destiny, and no idea what the future might hold for her. She grew up without ambition or focus, and because of this was generally mistrusted by her peers (it didn't help that she lacked, at that time, the facial tattoos that other Mirialan gained for noteworthy events in their lives). When she was old enough, Yeyani left to find purpose in the stars - and came upon Telos, which was suffering in the wake of the Imperial occupation there. A woman guided by compassion, Yeyani began smuggling goods to those who needed them - but when a new Imperial governor arrived and began responding with lethal force, causing the deaths of many innocents, Yeyani fled the planet in the hopes of minimalising the people's suffering. Doubt and depression followed her from planet to planet then, until she met a wisened old Mirialan called Elys on Corellia; this woman recognised the spark of destiny in Yeyani, and counseled her, telling her not to give up. That there were evil beings in the galaxy wasn't her fault, and their existence was not an excuse or reason to hide - if anything, they were the greatest incentive Yeyani would ever need to set herself on the path of compassion and never step off it again. Her words inspired Yeyani to try again and, in time, she gained a YT-2400 freighter, the Hunter's Virtue, and began smuggling goods to those in need on a galactic scale.

I would deeply appreciate any help offered! All credit will be given on any RPG sites I use the images on, and I will be sure to refer my fellow players over to the artist's page.

- LadySkywalker


Oh, I apologise for not including their physical appearances in the above post! The links provide access to the old character portraits for each, and the physical description is listed there as well, but for ease of reference I will copy and paste them below:

Riley: Young, slender and of average height, Riley cuts an attractive figure. Her crisp blue eyes betray a sharp intellect, whilst her lopsided smile speaks as to a mischievous nature. Dirty blonde, shoulder-length hair is tied back in a functional ponytail. She dresses simply, but practically, and carries herself with an infectious energy.

Yeyani: Yeyani is a young, attractive, shapely Mirialan of average height. Her jet-black hair is cut shoulder length, and curtains a pair of pale green eyes and deep purple lips. Symmetrical tattoos are etched her smooth, olive-coloured face, and hint as to a personal history that she does not discuss.

Thanks again!