Party to draw.....

Hey guys.
Posting in the hope you can help a fellow GM out. I want to surprise my players, get them a drawing of their characters, but I am how can I put it, Artistically Inept. I unfortunately don't have any methods of paying, so I hope that someone can achieve this work of art purely out of kindness. Also it will Most likely end up on the obsidian portal for the game, all credit will be given to you as well.
So I was wondering if anyone could possibly draw, or digitally paint a portrait of my groups character party.

Party consists of
A Mon Calamari Ambassador
Nautolan Ataru Striker
Zabrak Shi Cho Knight
Ewok Shi Cho Knight

Now the party is somewhat sith at the moment, but they are working hard to redeem themselves. They are a strange lot, that have already in a few sessions gotten into a lot of trouble. But their interesting, and for being great players I wanted to thank them.

The ewok is slightly crazed, known for taking trophies of his kills, for example the faces of his enemies to make a cape, and the hate of a space pirate captain. He uses the force to enhance his actions. The zabrak is quiet and brooding, working to slowly become powerful enough to overtake his master, and then redeem himself for his evil actions as a sith apprentice. The min calamari ambassador, is the lead of the party, wise and understanding, he has been to speaker for the party and quite commonly getting them out of trouble. Last but not least is our Nautolan, brave and quick to battle. He spends his time perfecting his skills of stealth and perception, being the groups mainstay trap seeker.


Just so you know.... All pieces of artwork on this site can be used for your game...  Since the descriptions are very vague, you might be able to find pictures that are already on the site to fill the need... For instance...



Just a thought.