Ortolan Jedi, Whiphid Hunter, Droid

Losa Tweeb - Ortolan - Escaped Order 66 as a youngling, suffers from survivor's guilt.  Has an orange staff saber she aqcuired from a (now dead) mentor.  Wears a purple robe.

Ch'norr - Whiphid - Former hunter impressed by the force, accompanies Losa to see the galaxy and become a better hunter. Carries a heavy blaster rifle and vibro-ax, wears plates from stormtrooper armor (As designed it's way too small) painted in the original owner's blood.

BD-11 Experimental rolling droid with faulty memory, can take commands but doesn't form memories or a personality. has a simple blaster built in as well as some basic tools - our concept based loosely on this sketch

A single squad image would suit us fine if that's your preferred style, we get around in a Starlight-Class Light Freighter if you're looking for background. Individual shots work great as well.

Thank you for your time!