The Odd Couple (Frienemies)

One of my favourite relationships in all of the Star Wars campaigns I've ever been a part of is the relationship between the Kushiban, Bob, and the Squib, Mego.

Bob is serious, grumpy and generally pessimistic. Mego is happy, relentlessly optimistic and quite possibly the most annoying being in the glaxy. Mego is basically our version of Jar Jar Binks taken to charicature levels. Thankfully he only makes occasional cameo appearances so he can't annoy everyone regularly.

Mego considers Bob to be his best friend but Bob can't stand the Squib and Mego may be the only person in the glaxy that Bob is actually afraid of. That's right, Mego has tormented Bob with his particular brand of "friendship" to the point that the legendary Kushiban badass fears the very sight of him. Bob is very rarely violent towards Mego but he will do everything in his power to avoid his "friend" as he knows Mego brings chaos and and almost psychotic level of happiness. Not to mention those much too tight hugs. When Bob is unfortunate enough to cross paths with Mego and can't escape, he just grumpily bears Mego's attention like a child being forced to visit the dentist. He and the rest of the crew (whom Mego likes only slightly less) are inevitably dragged into whatever calamity Mego brings with him. At one point, Mego even pretended to be a sith lord. That was one adventure I have particularly fond memories of.

Whenever Mego makes an appearance, our campaign quickly decends into a comedy skit and it's a sure fire way to inject some fun into things. So I figured I'd leave a request here for someone to immortalize this odd pair in artwork.

As far as the actual meat of this request goes, I would really like to see Mego being (unknowingly) annoying in some fashion while Bob just silently stews in his own misery. Either that or Bob just absolutely losing it and raging. Mego isn't likely to respond to to Bob getting angry though. He usually thinks Bob is just playing around. He's clueless.


Bob is a pretty typical looking Kushiban with big ears and bushy tail and fur that changes with his mood. Now his fur would normally be white but when Mego is around he's more likely to be blue (sad) red (angry) or black (generally miserable). Personally I think black would make for a better image but I'm not an artist so I'll leave that up to whoever accepts this. If anyone ever does. Bob also has something of a drinking problem. It's a habit he indulges in even more when he has to deal with Mego. I'm not saying the image has to include him drinking or anything, I just thought I'd add that as a possibility.

Mego the squib, in contrast to Bob's usual scowl or smirk, generally has a huge grin plastered on his face. He has tan and brown fur with a white patch on his chest and blue eyes. He tends to wear a jumpsuit that's more often than not covered in dirt and grease. He's also a scavenger and generally has several trinkets (others would call it crap) attached to his belts. Yes, he wears more than one.

I think that's more or less everything but knowing me, I'll have forgotten something. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.