Lasat Jedi

This character I created for an RPG between myself and a friend. Loola Lazanti is a female Lasat who survived Order 66. She had finally reached Padawan status and before she could've been assigned to a Jedi Master, an attack on the Jedi Temple forced her, along with other Jedi younglings that managed to also have survived, to hide in the sewers until the gunfire ceased.

She has no facial hair to speak of, so doesn't bother to grow it. She is tall and slender in built, yet has some deal of muscle. Isn't built for muscle, more for speed and acrobatics. No longer uses a light saber, preferring the bo rifle. Uses the force to help aid the growing Rebellion. Is purple furred, does have stripes, a heart shaped face, small green eyes. Looks delicate. Is modestly dressed, preferred comfortable gear such as a a one piece suit hugging her figure. Has a chip on her right ear, wears some red eyeshadow. No shoes.

Not so sure about the rest. If anyone has any suggestions to assist with her looks, I'd really appreciate it. I am a lousy character designer.