Imperial Brochure

This is a bit of an odd request, but my players have decided to visit an Imperial resort planet (intent on making a scene to draw out a certain military commander), and I drank a ton of coffee and designed it last night rather than sleeping.  I've written a brochure for Freedom City, the only habitable landmass in the M'kophen system. It's a cluster of mountains and plateaus that emerge from a sea of clouds below.  Some were mountains that have been carefully hewn to the right elevation and levelled out to accommodate a city.  The area below the clouds is inhospitable and off-limits, but the super-rich visitants are blissfully unaware of anything beneath the endless rolling clouds overlooked by their penthouses (I can go into more detail on request, but I don't want to spoil anything for my players).

At any rate, I was interested in presenting my players with a propagandized brochure of the place, and as I was writing it, wondered if it would be worth seeing if someone could sweeten it with some illustrations, maybe as simple as throwing the text onto a template. I and my players would be eternally grateful to have a brochure in-hand as a visual aid. The text is as follows, in bold:

Distinguished citizen of the Empire,

Thank you for visiting the M'kophen system!

After checking in with Control, you'll be directed to land at one of our conveniently located platforms, and a concierge will accompany your party to the registration counter, where our fast and friendly staff can get you on your way to the rest and relaxation you've earned!

There's something for everyone here in our high-rise paradise. Freedom Tower, located centrally, features accomodations for your entire family, or just you and that special someone, with a breathtaking view over the cloudscape from one of many lavish suites and penthouses. But don't let the inspiring view distract you from the casino and dining area on the first floor! Once you've settled in, take a walk down Freedom Row, just outside, for a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience. Hundreds of vendors scour the galaxy to showcase only the finest wares to a discerning Imperial citizen such as yourself. Stop by Freedom Fashions for cutting edge trends, where you're sure to find that jaw-dropping ensemble that will make you the talk of the town, or treat yourself to Freedom Furnishings' showroom and let our knowledgeable representatives work out remodeling options for your home or business. At the end of Freedom Row, the outdoor dining areas of Freedom Plaza fill the air with scents and sights of delectable cuisine sure to tantalize the senses, while soft melodies from Freedom Pavillions' many open air amphitheatres drift through the air.

Take a cloudskiff to Freedom Park, to the north, and follow the meandering trail through Freedom Gardens, where majestic and exotic horticultural bouquets are sure to please the nature-lover in all of us, and Freedom Peak, at the center, offers everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans opportunities to improve or test your climbing skills. And don't miss Freedom Falls, a staggering display of Imperial ingeneuity and architectural engineering. Using an innovative system of condensers and vaporators, several pools on the northern face of Freedom Gardens overflow and disappear into the clouds below. Check with scheduling officials to reserve recreation time in these pristine and temperature regulated pools. From Freedom Park, you'll have the best seat in the house to catch the bi-weekly airshow put on by our very own Freedom Garrison's Ivory Squadron! Watch death-defying aerobatics with precision formations and pyrotechnics as decorated pilot Commander Tillon "Chip" Coss leads his junior officers in a display of soaring patriotism that will move the hearts of both young and old Imperial subjects.

In the afternoon, if you're lucky, herds of massive h'nnae can be seen moving west atop the clouds. A reservation with Freedom Skytours will ensure your tour skiff passes as close as possible to these gentle medusas, as they feed on microorganisms in the clouds below. You may even get close enough to see the nests of rubicund flickerbirds atop the floating beasts, and the bioluminescent displays of the avians dipping through the clouds below. As the evening draws near, feel free to visit one of Freedom Plaza's many lounges for upscale dining, bustling nightlife, or anything in between, and experience round-the-clock live shows on dozens of stages sure to leave you and your guests with plenty to talk about. Around sunset, take a stroll on the promenade and watch the dusk sun dip into the planet's rings in a truly unforgettable display. Or make a reservation for you and your special guest on one of our cloudskiffs, and find your own secluded paradise as you sail over the clouds.

And finally, arguably the piece de resistance that sparked such a wonderful culmination of the Empire's delicacies: the bi-weekly auctions held at Freedom Hall, located adjacent Freedom Tower. The finest artisans from throughout the Empire's many worlds have taken up residence here to work the rare tatam metal into ornate and one-of-a-kind trinkets, from fine jewelry and ornaments to towering, custom-built commisions that are said to be nearly indestructible once tempered in a process known only to the artists. His Glorious Highness the Emperor has, in years past, commissioned several pieces that are now displayed prominently in the halls of the Imperial Centers on Coruscant and Eriadu, as well as Imperial Academies on Carida and Corulag. Dignitaries and diplomats accross the galaxy have paid fortunes for similar exquisite works, all painstakingly hand-crafted here in Freedom Hall. Audiences can be reserved with the artisans, who can evaluate individual commisions, through the Exhibition Hall Office. Public auctions will be held for smaller pieces, and some have gone for millions of credits in years past! Be sure to check with a registration concierge, and make a bid for what would make the perfect centerpiece or accessory.

Be advised there are certain restrictions on airspace in and around Freedom City. Always obtain flight clearance through your registration officials, follow flight plans carefully, and most of all, have a wonderful stay!

Again, I would be extatic to provide my players with a similarly saccharine-sweet hand-out, and thanks to anyone who at least made it this far!


Curse you, notepad! looks like my line breaks got all wonky. Don't let my apparent ineptitude dissuade you though!