Harston Rako: Cranky, Weathered Mercenary.

Intent: Hit there Artist / Browser! 

I'll start off by saying this, I'm an avid and loyal RP'er. Have been for the longest time. Used to play the ever-loving bojangles out of Star Wars Galaxies. Though now, I've moved onto Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's not easy finding a way to word this, well, maybe it is and I'm just trying not to sound all 'Here! Make this for me! >:D' ~_~, But I've just started up this character, and I'm a talentless hack without any means of creating a fan-bantha-tastic RP reference peice for my character to use for Forums / In-game appearance reference. And so, I'm here! To ask a favor of you fine, talented folkes. To create such a thing and allow me, the un-talented hack. To use it in your name. =)

Best Regards and/or Luck!



- Caucasian male.

- Middle age. Late thirties to early fourties.

- Rough, weathered face. Marred with light cuts and deep, rough lines through his face.

- Heavy Stubble. Both covering his bald head and his facial region. Thick to the point of neeing shaving yet not so much as to be considered a 'beard'.

- Heavy Cybernetic augmentation to the left eye aswell as burn scarring visible beneath the Augment. Affecting the left brow heavily. ( Wouldn't be much left of it, Yep, He's an ugly mug. =3 )

- Extremely apparent scarring around the neck. Remnant from Harston's time as a fugitive on Socorro where he was hung.

- Perculiar yellow Iris, caused by heavy abuse of an as-of-yet unknown chemical substance.

- Broad shouldered.

- Wearing a heavy coat with a face mask pulled down to his upper chest. ( See Reference Picture. )

- Notoriously cranky and judgemental. ( Might help with an expression. =P )

REFERENCE PICTURE: http://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/15563363/pics/original/3527226.jpg