Group Pic of PC Group

Hello all!

I've recently started up a modernised version of the campaign "Tempest Feud" using the FFG rules. The game has gotten off to a great start, and I'm already convinced that the group - players and PCs - is one of the best I've encountered.

This is more of a personal request than a request on the part of the group, but I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in making a group portrait of the team? There are six members in total, which I realise is a lot, but any help here would be deeply appreciated!

All characters can be viewed here, but for ease of reference I've summarised each below:

Amara Tyne: A human female ace pilot. She used to work for the Empire - who saved her world from a terrible and long civil war - but has defected to the Alliance after witnessing the Empire's brutality.

Anata Diram: A Togruta female diplomat. She's in possession of a brilliant intellect, but has lost some of her confidence when her first mission with the Alliance resulted in the deaths of all others in her team. She blames herself for their demise.

Falos Hakari: A Mon Calamari male medic. Falos is a big believer in species rights, and signed up with the Alliance after their entered into an agreement with Dac. He's pragmatic and extremely capable.

Jarrick Rhade: A human male Force-Sensitive hunter, Jarrick is more comfortable in the wild than among civilised people. He's an expert tracker, and is always seen with his Wookiee companion, Lowwarr.

Lowwarr: A Wookiee male bodyguard, the mighty Lowwarr owes a life debt to Jarrick - and, by extension, the Alliance - for the part they played in saving his family. He is inexperienced with the larger galaxy, but a masterful warrior.

Theris Nan'Tay: A human male tactician and grizzled Alliance veteran. Theris lost his adopted sister to the Empire, and was forced to take command of his squad sooner than he was prepared for. He considers the safety of his fellow Rebels to be his personal responsibility, and would be heavily charismatic if it were not for his tendency to wait and assess before saying anything.

Any help would be appreciated, and will be credited/advertisement for the artist's own page. Thanks in advance!