The Droids of The Mos Eisley Shuffle

In addition to the crew of the Mos Eisley Shuffle, the members aboard own several droids who aid the party in their tasks. Among them are Sleven-the quirky boxy Astromech bartender, CamBot-a junkbot cobbled together from the severed head of a pit droid made by the crew's resident spunky padawan, and BX-47-a deadly relic of the Clone Wars sworn by contractual obligation to serve his new dark mistress. Apart from basic utilitarian tasks they each bring their own brand of comedy to the party from BX-47's dry, black situational observations to Sleven's plainly eccentric behavioral quirks.

S19-SL7 "Sleven"
Model: S19
Manufacturer: LesTech
Type: Astromech

Brief Description:
-Masculine Programming
-Equipped with bartender programming from its previous owner
-Easily panics (Especially when tipped over), causing it to scream and wildly deploy and retract its appendages
-Has been known to serve refreshing beverages at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of firefights
-Primary maintenance droid aboard the Mos Eisley Shuffle
-Often used as a seat or mobile chair by his owner Tyria, or occasionally as mobile cover
-A little dinged here and there, but little worse for the wear and in pretty good condition, though could use a touch up on it's orange and teal color scheme
-Clunky, body with a single large photoreceptor fixed in the forward position and a single large, tracked wheel centered under the body
-Generally obnoxious in an endearing, slapstick sort of way

S19 Reference:

Model: Custom
Manufacturer: Custom
Type: Remote Droid/Cambot

Brief Description:
-Gender Neutral Programming
-Generally Prone to Quirks
-Very Inquisitive and Chattery in Nature
-Built primarily from the severed head of a DUM-Series Pit Droid, a small repulsorlift, and assorted tools on fine manipulator arms or stowed underneath concealing panels on the brim
-Has been the companion of jedi padawan Lai since she built it as an adolescent
-Equipped primarily to aid Lai in repair, construction, and slicing

Model: BX-Series
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata

Brief Description: 
-Masculine Programming
-6’ 4”
-Scratched Dark Grey-Blue Paint Job
-Sabaac hand painted on chestplate, displaying four cards marked with the values of H, K, 4, and 7 from left-to-right with the 7 card on the top and the on/off light on his chest forming the 7 card's face
-Bandoleer Worn Slung Across Chest with Blaster Holster
-Equipped with a vocoder and standard BX communications package, though rarely speaks without first being spoken to. Even when mimicking other voices, exhibits stiff, inorganic speech patterns
-Currently lacking any notable personality or behavioral quirks 
-Served the CIS on Jabiim during the Clone Wars through the end of the war and the fall of Jabiim
-Wandered space during the formative years of the Galactic Empire and throughout the rebellion until recently coming into the possession of lady of the Sith Ras'algethi in her search for a replacement bodyguard

BX-47 primarily arms himself with a a T-6 Superheavy Blaster Pistol.

T-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol Reference:
BX-Series Droid Commando Reference: