Deadly Beauty: A mercenary's sleek starfighter


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I am not entirely sure whether or not there is even an artist who does ship pictures here on SWAG these days, but I have a request for a starfighter which has become the fleet ship for our roleplaying group's mercenary squad. Please, if you have any interest in drawing the technical, like ships and the like give this a once over and let me know if you can do it. It seems it'd be a fairly simple ship to draw!


Now to the description:


The Spätz Starworks Massassi is a small, extremely sleek, single pilot starfighter, with an astromech port inside of the cockpit, directly behind the pilot. Made by a small Corporate Sector consortium; produced for a small paramilitary organization in limited numbers beginning a few years before the Battle of Yavin, as a means of repaying a debt incurred by the shipyard & Banking Clan during a series of vicious attacks by a well organized group of Hutt pirates.


The ENTIRE ship is essentially an elongated teardrop shape, with the cockpit being completely round, the viewscreen taking up the entire top plus some, and the rest of the ship tapering back into a single highly-powerful engine at the back. This sleek shape is broken up only by the evenly spaced, short but thick, winglets, on on the top and two on the bottom. From each of these winglets, protrudes a long, spiraled cannon, At the Front of the ship, there is a thick, but short, barrel which sticks out down at the bottom of the cockpit, and below that, just before the curve of the teardrop shape becomes the belly, there is a very thin barrel which extends just slightly longer than the larger cannon above.


The ships are painted purple (true "Joker" purple, not a lighter shade) and cream, with only the medal flairs by the engine being silver. If you choose to do this piece, it is completely up to your discretion how you use these colors on the starfighter, and which is the primary color. The cockpit splits open directly down the center of the viewscreen, & you could probably see the connection line where it splits. It should be very pretty, and very sleek.


Thank you so much for even taking the time to read through this, and I know it seems a bit silly, but it's something I've wanted to have an artist do for at least six months, and as a GM I wanted to be able to show this to my players! I would be extremely grateful to have any of the amazing artists here take a crack at this one, and make my mental vision become a reality!


Thanks again, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!