The Crew of the Breakwater [Tusserk]

Hello there once again!

My players loved the piece Asok did of their characters, and that Edge of The Empire game is going great. So great, that one of my players is now GMing a Second Campaign that we are also playing. While still playing my Campaign. It's been fun.

Anyways, I've been asked to request some art of the characters in the new campaign. The campaign is set four years after the rise of the Empire, fifteen years before A New Hope. Our characters, formerly a group of bounty hunters, have been talked into joining Kota's Milita as it fights the Empire however it can. Using the YZ-775 transport Breakwater as our base of operations, they have made small strikes against the Empire, but have yet to hit a major break. There are five characters here. If that's too many, I understand.

The most intimidating member of the Crew is the towering Shistavanen who goes by 'Gruff'. He is at 2.1 meters tall, far taller than the rest of the crew. Gruff doesn't speak much of his past, but he does seem to show an unhealthy obsession with Shistavanen pop star Chie Ahuak. Althouh this annoys the crew, they put up with Gruff due to him being an excellent fighter. Gruff has dark grey fur, bordering on black, with lighter markings. His eyes are yellow. He dresses in basic work cloathing, general leather, with a long, blue, hooded cloak on top. He is never seen without his trusty Force Pike. Gruff is a Hired Gun (Maruader)

Our pilot, Malvaar Trimptis is a  Mon Calamari veteran of the Clone Wars, during which he served as the Navigator on the Mon Calamari Cruiser Valorous, Malvaar has seemed to become the crew's unofficial leader. Often very cynical, Malvaar is nevertheless very loyal to his comrades. Standing at 1.72m, Malvaar posess the reddish-brown skin so common to his species, and the top of his head has some beige striping. Malvaar only has a few chin barbels (Fish beard things) at this point. (More like Lee-Char than Ackbar). His eyes have a lightish blue coloring. Malvaar dresses in a gray flightsuit, which includes a name tag with his surname on it in Aurebesh. He has a utility belt, as well as a heavy blaster pistol that he usually keeps holstered at his side. Completely unknown to Malvaar, he is Force Sensitive, but his abilites have yet to manifest. Malvaar is an Explorer (Fringer).

The Givin named Jelcho Narth is responsible for pretty much everything non-combat related. Which is good, because he has no business being in a fight. Highly logical, extremely smart, and very annoying, Jelcho fills the role of Navigator and mechanic simultaneously. Jelcho stands at 1.9m, and looks very much the sterotypical Givin. Chalk white skin, skeletal appearance, extremely thin, it's all there. He does however, manage to look rather smug the majority of the time. Jelcho dresses in flowing robes of red, detailed with blue. He generally doesn't carry a weapon, but he can often be found with a datapad or a book in hand. Jelcho owes a debt to Malvaar for saving his life during the Clone Wars. Jelcho is a Colonist (Scholar)

The Dug Bounty Hunter named Garbula is not someone you want to mess with. Currently engaged in a small war with his ex-wife (And he seems to mean 'war' literally), Garbula was a member of Kota's Milita during the Clone Wars, and it's largely thanks to him that the crew was able to join up with Kota without extreme scrutiny. As Dugs tend to be, he's only a little over a meter tall, and stands... as Dugs do. With the feet being hands and the hands being feet. He has light purple skin, and a fair number of wattles. He dresses in metal battle armor that is unpainted for the most part, except for a few markings that are entirely up to you. Garbula has a blaster pistol clutched in each foot... hand... whatever. Garbula is a Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer)

Finally, we have LE-VO-1 (We call him Levi). A LE-VO Law Enforcement droid, Malvaar and Jelcho recovered him from a scrapheap prior to the start of the campaign. He looks very much like any LE-VO droid, except for the diagonal red stripes across his chest. Levi is rather dedicated to the idea of Droid Rights, and gets rather annoyed when any droid is treated wrongly. Levi wears a hooded cape, brown in color, and is always seen holding his sniper rifle. Levi is a Commando (Sharpshooter), from Age of Rebellion.

And that's the crew. I look forward to seeing anything that's drawn of these guys. Thanks in advance!



...the folks that look after this place generally like requests to be limited to a maximum of three characters, but what can I say, you had me at 'Shistavanen'. ;)

If you're willing to give me a bit of time (I got a lot going on) I'm willing to take a crack at your whole crew. It's a fun little collection of species you've got going on there!


The three character per request rule is so that it is more likely to get picked up.  Not really a Absolute rule... Just a "Suggestion" that if not followed could lead to your request not being accepted because of the amount of work it would take.  I'm putting this as claimed Tuss...  Unless he says he doesn't want you to do it, then I'll put it back in request.