Character Request - Veniss Azrah/Venisseaslokana

Hello SWAG! I have come to you today with an character request!

This character is my OC, but I also use him to portray myself in Star Wars roleplays.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Full Name: Venisseaslokana / Veniss Azrah

Birth Date:  36 BBY

Death Date: 79 ABY,  112 years old

Alias: Nebulae

Species: Squib

Homeworld: Skor II

Age: 31 standard years

Height: 1 standard meter

Skin Color: Pink

Fur Color: Brown with White Spots

Eye Color: Blue

Lightsaber: Cyan-bladed retrosaber, shoto-length blade. Power cord is made from a cortosis/durasteel alloy.

Preferred Froms: Form II, Makashi and Form VII, Juyo


Veniss was born 36 BBY on the planet Skor II, like many of his kind. His Force-sensitivity was discovered at his age of five when a Muun Jedi Master came to planet to purchase spare parts to use in trinket building. Veniss used his budding Force abilities in an attempt to have some sort of control over the dealing table when the Master sensed it. Veniss was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant not too long afterward.

As a youngling, Veniss displayed an aptitude with with building something out of nothing like many of his kind. He excelled especially in the field of small electronics, going as far as to build a set of communicators for his class to talk to one another with. Veniss graduated from his class and became an Padawan, apprentice to a Human Jedi Master.

Just years prior to the Clone Wars, Veniss ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight.

During the Clone Wars Veniss was attached to the 501st Legion, fighting alongside many clone troopers who he came to respect. However, seeing the clones being bred for war and not seeing any of the Republic’s own citizens taking up arms began to take its toll on Veniss. As the war went on, he began to gradually lose faith in the Jedi Order and the Republic itself.

Veniss left the Jedi Order, and became a Gray Jedi, shortly after the Separatist attack on Coruscant. After leaving the Order, Veniss decided to become a trader and refuse collector, just like many of his kind were. He boarded a shuttle bound for Skor II and returned home.

After Veniss returned to his homeworld, Order 66 went through and across the galaxy the Jedi were cut down. Veniss had only just arrived at his home when he felt so many deaths through the Force that he collapsed and almost lost consciousness. Knowing the dire situation he was now in, Veniss chose to hide himself in Metrobig City, hoping that he wouldn’t be found despite not identifying as a Jedi anymore.

Of course, one couldn’t effectively hide from the Empire if one didn’t blend in with the population (or lack thereof, such as in Yoda’s case). This was effortless for Veniss, as he had chosen to hide out on his species’ homeworld, where his natural instincts could be easily used and accepted. Veniss quickly bought himself a home in Metrobig City and set it up as a junk shop selling anything and everything, but unknown to many he had also set a small Jedi room in the back. He made a living bargaining and, naturally, haggling. Of course, being a Squib, Veniss came to love doing it.