"Cause if you fly 'em, you gotta fix 'em"

Rebel leader and pilot of the legendary VCX-100 Light Freighter (Hans Solo once said it was better than the Millennium Falcon) "Ghost", Hera Syndulla and her faithful friend and droid companion C1-10P ('chopper').

Been watching some great episodes of 'Clone Wars' and 'Rebels' and they have some inspiring character personas and leaders. Hera Syndulla struck a chord and having been a bicycle mechanic/associate and past USCF racer (OK, rich triathletes don't take care of their bikes, they are kinda gross when they hand it over to us to overhaul) I thought of this illustration and especially harking back to the beginnings of US Aviation since the Wright Bros. were bicycle shop owners and mechanics. 

EDIT: minor light tweaks and particle cleanup.


I really love this one! I'll see what I can do about fixing the blurriness. If I open the image in a separate window it looks nice and crisp but is also smaller. I'm blowing the images up to fit in the space they have, so... feel free to upload big-ish images.

Again, really love this. Rebels is still possibly my favorite Star Wars TV ever made. It's SOOOO good. Is this a new style you're playing with? I like it a lot.



I actually had to reduce the image to 22% to fit within the initial requirements.

Yep, I've always had problems after scanning (usually a comp of two or three scans) with drawing distortions. It looks good viewed on traditional bristol but after digitally piecing them together, something always looks off. Played with it before, kind of a hybrid style and now fully digital (including sketches).


Thanks for the kindness all.

Thanks Eclipse, appreciate it. I just loaded a larger version :)