Dathomirian Shaman

My character rendering for angelicdoctorgames who requested a Young Dathomirian witch crossed with "Harley Quinn" (from Batman) and a Kodashi Viper. The requestors icon being a Cadeuce design, I assumed a similar theme with the character and followed suit. No story. I have no idea what the character is like but instead of the pallid, vile looking characters generally depicted, I saw the one in wookiepedia and since they are Force sensitive and there was no alliance indicated, I made her a strong Dathomirian Shaman. Though associated as part of the race of Darth Maul who was part Sabrak and Dathomirian, and depicted primarily looking sinister they have several sects/tribes/clans but the major rule amongst all is "Never concedede to Evil".

Original drawing, pencil on Strathmore bristol vellum 11" x 14" Colored in Clip Studio Paint.


Thanks! The most tedious work is the unseen. The clean up of the noise, errant lines and minute corrections!





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