Moxxar: Ubese Wanderer

'Moxxar' a female Ubese wanderer (as per Zanofor's request.) Moxxar turned the knurled knob on the scope and the eyepiece extended slightly to focus on close up details of her quarry. Purely mechanical, using no contemporary technology, this ancient optic device was neccessary for sensors not to detect her in the barren outcrop that her target chose as a 'safehouse'. The technology within her mask/rebreather used Ubese nanotechnology. Extremely rare, none that she knew of were ever obtained for research by Non-Ubese. Each had a jammer and self-destruct program should the life signature of the owner flatline. She had one slug thrower in place of her blasters and her throwing knives were a heavy metal/injector cartridge. An ideal view, the barren ridgeline was populated with native scaled amphibians so movement was not an issue. They helped her pick out outcroppings, footholds and handholds while she climbed into position. She leaned forward against the thermals to maintain the observation. For 2 days, there was an inner satisfaction of observing her quarry peck and bicker amongst themeselves whilst worlds and species were exterminated. She slowly raised the optic to her mask and continued her scanning. Inwardly, she chuckled. So superior. Sith.., Jedi... All the same digesting inside the bowels of a Sarlac. Better the Universe by offing them now. Unfortunate, that reconaissance, not assasination is the assignment. Next job, I'll only take wetwork... Media: Pencil, PSLE, Mouse


I've been trying to keep the same style in my gallery here but sometimes, too much of the foundation drawing (which I like the most) is lost in my attempt at 'inking', lol! Sometimes, it has good results, but characters tend to loose the 'look' of my original intention. Besides that, it takes too much time and is not my forte, so why fight it?

And thanks for the comments/complements.

-May the Ubese view me in a favorable light with this rendition-


Sweet! Love the pose! Perhaps, conjures good memories of Spiderman...



Absolutely awesome... Great work. :)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


I cannot thank you enough for fulfilling my request.

I'll be honest, I almost forgot about the request that I posted here. For some reason or another, I decided to check SWAG Online, and, lo and behold, "Moxxar: Ubese Wanderer" was on the front page.

The artwork is excellent, I couldn't ask for a better picture. Thank you so much!


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