Bothan and Nexu Cub

Probably the least ferocious Mandalorian you could ever hope to meet. A naive and overly optimistic Bothan lass who plays with animals a lot. Yep.


I'd call them kittens, no? And this Bothan's furniture must look like it's been put through an industrial grinder with a playful Nexu running around the house. I can feel the pain of that thing clawing up his legs when he opens a tin of Kaminoan Tuna Filet.

Nice job, as usual :) Cool colors on the Nexu!


Ha, I suppose I just went for big cat terminology rather than domestics... kitten works just as well!

Wish I could take credit for the colours, but it's just my favourite of the options you can find on swtor ;)

Hablyonus Pense

"Holy Karabast, what IS that thing?! Kill it! Kill it with fire!... <Alarmed whirring> YES, exactly! Quick, before it hurts that poor nexu!"


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