Ras'algethi Rogue Sith Cult Princess

As requested by Ezekiel.

My breif summary of Ezekiel's detailed description follows:

She is an Arkanian Offshoot matriarch who rebelled against her own cult on Ziost after questioning the accuracy of the cult's teachings. Her personality is that of someone who dwells in the past rejecting modernity. I fashioned her torso armor on Ezekiel's description of it being a 'cuirass'. Her lightsaber is adorned with a basket hand guard from a an ancient light foil, and carries an alloy phrik on her off hand when in combat/duels.

She has several bodily scars on her body possibly gotten in duels or torture or both. The injuries have damaged her throat vocal chords and often projects her words into the minds of recipients via the force.

Though renouncing the Sith in her search for 'truth', she still retains a callous, weirdly humorous cruel streak in her manner. As per his posting, she remains a fugitive from her Planets agents and was last seen amongst as an apparent member in a shuttle crew.  


Oh yes, you nailed the description! The lightsaber hilt is a great idea, the design honors it!


Sorry I disappeared so that I couldn't properly thank you for this piece (Ugh, life.) , but now that I've stumbled my way back to this community to find this sitting here so nice and pretty I'm once again blown away by how much justice you've done to my character requests that are frankly... seriously serious things I've had artists shy away from in the past. I can certainly see a few uh... aspects to this imagining that another of our characters would certainly have some trouble walking by without Calrissian-ing things up.