Hunting in the Void

Soooooo we were inside the Rakata Mind Trap, hunting down a hideous horrorterror in the only place where they can actually die. It's hard to hunt things down in an impossible white Force-imbued void, but we skill challenged through it. I managed to roll a 20 on a perception check, whee, which I emoted as Jak ignoring logic and intellect, because that place was crazy, and falling back purely on instinct and letting her natural senses take over. GM decided to have fun and take control of her natural shapeshifting and have the Mind Trap twist her into something of a beast; so while she lost the ability to use her guns and spears and medical equipment for a while, she sure as heck was one badass void-tracking machine.


Whoaaaa the snow effects are spot on. The emotive content is perfect, which I've basically come to expect as you are a freaking expert of animal anatomy.


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