Unit Zero Mk2

Since I've been bringing more and more of my past work into the "Howdyverse", I decided to give Unit Zero an update. I wanted to give them each a more unique persona, so I got rid of the scout helmets.  I also added a new CO to the unit to present a wider variety of story options.

So, we have here (left to right):

Prowler- the team's tracker and survival expert.

Col. Rys "Hawkbat" Tarkin- the by-the-book Imperial warhorse recently assigned command of the group. Also, nephew of a certain Grand Moff.

Hyde- The team's mysterious, silent sniper

Techs- the youngest member of the group, he's the resident com and tech expert.

Burner- heavy weapons and demolitions.  Burner is prone to fits of extreme boredom once the shooting stops.


Oooh, I like this. I like the composition of the characters, and the shadows add a lot of attitude. Very nice.


SO GOOD! Everything works so well here, from the lines to the muted colours.

And Techs is really cute.


OMG!  I got featured!?  Awesome!

And thanks, everybody.

Tusserk, I'll see if I can get you Techs' mobile #. lol


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