Theme of the Month May/June

2014 May 20

As a welcome back to Braltika, this month is going to be Creature Month

Any Star Wars creature your heart desires to make, go for it! ...   

Not going to do species, but would love to see some StormTroopers/Clone Troopers this month to finish out May with something that is very Star Warsy!...

I know Tuss is going to love this theme as well! ... Hope to see some great creatures and maybe some being ridden by Stormies :)

And just so everyone knows.  The reason I'm doing 2 months is so that they overlap.  Giving the artists plenty of time to turn in submissions.  If you want to do April/May go for it, or May/June go for it...  The idea of this is to inspire artists to do something for the month, don't want to squash anyones inspiration.


So I was hoping to get a piece done for this. I actually have my piece of Jynxie in her gunwell, but do to a convention this past weekend and an influx of both freelance work, commissions, and personal work I am trying to get done for Illuxcon I am no longer sure I will make the deadline. That said, once the piece is done I will post it, or send it to Xan to post.