A Shady Bunch of Characters

I find myself constantly questioning if a lot of the simpler things I draw are good enough to upload to this site- but at the end of the day I feel that a website that is specifically dedicated to Star Wars artwork might possibly appreciate it more than the wider internet? Even if I feel it isn't the most finished piece?

This was another one I did a while ago, just as a character creation challenge. Smuggling crew, featuring the leader of the group and melee fighting expert Aellian (the dangerous Cathar lady at the side there). The Voss, Enar-Cai, on a pilgrimage as the medic (i have no idea if Voss even leave Voss, but whatever). And the pilot older Ryn, Boamos, with his adopted son, Innias, who’s the best shot of them all and probably too cocky for his own good.

I like to think Evi did work for them for awhile a few years back and may or may not have been, ahem, 'involved' with the older Ryn.

Not gonna lie, my favourite part of this was probably designing the poncho-like-thing that Boamos is wearing XD he is such a happy old hippy. He may or may not have been inspired by the one and only time I ever met Edward James Olmos at a convention.

Lord Crumb

It is a Fantastic picture and very colorful.  The characters expressions are well done and they look like they might be kind to you while picking your pockets.  lol.  Good job!


I love it! You feel free to keep uploading as much of this stuff as you like. :-D They're fantastic.



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