Feathers as far as the eye can see!

So I drew a whole bunch of people I know in real-life as Fosh. Because I'm kinda really into this species. I guess. Also, there is a fullsize of this image, though it keeps being compressed into pretty bad quality, but it can be found here.

(The 8th figure, the one with the fluffy 'hairfeathers' and the dark robe, is kinda what I figure a Fosh preist, or some equivalent thereof might be. Shaman, maybe? It was definetly drawn with the subtle intention of being spiritual garb of some sort.)

Hi I like bird aliens more should exist so I made them.


I think it's important that everybody knows that the alien dog is my dog and he is the greatest. :D


Wow, you really like Fosh!


I won't lie, I've been thinking of doing something similar with Gran. Maybe street scenes on Malastare or something. lol


I...yeah, yeah I do :|

(I would love to see some diversity amoung gran too, i actually really like it when we're shown varying examples of alien types- because come on! Humans don't all look the same either!)


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