Paranoid Gungan

So last week's session had us all take turns being haunted by a nameless horror, and the first one to be hit was our darling gungan, Ceelo. Out of character, his overreations were kind of hilarious, but in-game we were nervous as all fuzzy heck. Especially Jak. Also, this drawing is pretty much just me experimenting with digital inking and different brushes and playing with textures and... started out as the whole gungan backed into a corner, which ended up getting cropped into oblivion. GUNGAN, FOLKS. GET YOUR GUNGAN RIGHT HERE.


Playing is fun...pretty much everything I do is just trying things out. This is great. Your normal well drawn character with a great expression...all awkward and such....I am a huge fan of 3 brushes and the gaussamer blur...other than that one time lens flare expo...


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