Charging Blindly Into Things

So recently the squad (actually I think we're being referred to as a 'Special Forces Unit' now?) gathered at a tapcaf to discuss their future, especially with reference to possibly maybe seeking out and destroying unspeakable horrors from the realms of beyond. Tendaji, taking the lead, was cautioning them against charging blindly ahead, at which point Jak and Ceelo found themselves glaring rather hotly at one another. Seems they have rather different opinions about exactly who is most likely to derail things by rushing in uninformed... but then, they haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye since that incident with... Jak's... eye.


pretty sure the best part of that stare-off is fix't blissfully unaware of the tension literally surrounding him

Also I keep being impressed that you add in that tiny detailed pattern on lokhins jacket every time. Also by the composition in general. And also jeez-louise for some reason tendajis' ponytail-tentacles there look particularly good??

And then on a selfish note I think that is the EXACT WAY I keep meaning to draw Evis' head and omg why are you so good at drawing


That's hands-down the sweetest Gungan I've seen since Jawa Stu went MIA. Awesome stuff!



I think I like this kind of stuff from you the most. The just all laid back pics. And I find that I look at your unfinished stuff like I look at my own. I look for things that are awesome and done well. The pic could be a mess, but if one hand is spot's like "oh boy that is cool". That Dr.'s coat is pretty darn cool. Like the pattern.


I curse our GM every time for making Lokhin's coat what it is (but I secretly love it just a little bit).

Another secret: this drawing is somewhat inaccurate because I'm pretty sure Fix't was wearing his mech-suit to the tapcaf but then, yeah, it would have slightly ruined the effect of clueless-little-bug sitting between the scowl-off.

Also, Asok, aaahhhh, Jawa Stu is king of gungans. To have mine mentioned in the same phrase as his is the most delicious of compliments.