Female Chiss Tramper Co-Pilot

This was a request by Velovich which Drig kindly gave me permission to do since he was busy with real life. As per the request: "For pose, I'm thinking of leaning/perched on a bar stool or crate, seemingly relaxed. She's focused on something to the viewer's left or right, like an adversary, and her hand has casually slid onto the butt of her blaster." It took a while because of learning new tools (yay! bought a tablet and software!). I normally start imagining and embellishing the story while in the process, but that part of the brain was overloaded with frustration and problem solving. When I started, I had limited access to the internet for reference thanks to my (old) ISP. (I had no problems until it got bought out). I may work an enhanced story up later..


so cool. Great work on the see through chair. Great positioning also...sultry. And what a tuchus. In a bar scene she would have my undivided attention. At least till she or my GF slapped me.


Ah, I've missed your style, Aenid! There is a lot of good going on in this - I especially like the translucent chair.


Lord Cygnus

This is a very interesting piece indeed, nice pose, low angle and also the placement of the translucent chair. Excellent!


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