Asha, Annoo-dat Mercenary [Request]

Hey, just because my personal reptile boy is a big ol' softy doesn't mean I don't love the opportunity to sink my teeth into a great big badass dragon man! I'd like to thank Anarchangel for his request, which let me know these guys (Annoo-dat Prime) existed in the first place! This guy's Asha, Captain of The Last Outlaw. His sword glows, because why not?


I had totally pictured the OTHER Annoo-dat when I read this request...

Fabulous work as always!



I............. Sorry, I just fainted with utter delight for a second. The sword is a definite highlight but I love every part of it.

I love it Tusserk. I love you too. :D


Thanks folks! I must admit, I'm pretty chuffed at how this guy turned out. When that inspiration and motivation hits, it hits hard!!

Asok-- I'm not sure I could have done the other type of Annoo-dat, ahaha. They don't hold a candle to these guys.


Heh. You're not the first person to get mixed up when I mentioned Annoo-dat, Asok. I'm glad Tusserk knew that I meant the Prime variety though. I've never really liked the Blue's. :)


It's amazing how much of a different style this has from all your other work. Just as good, but completely different... Very cool :)


i love the fact that the bottom hands are doing the fist in the palm thing. looks like one bad guy.


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