Jyllis Tromso and Fiola Shaku

Requested by I. J. Thompson, I decided to also add the renowned Fiola Shaku to the image as well, seeing as how the two celebrities are quite chummy nowadays. Both characters are played in the Star Wars: Tapestry online game.

I. J. Thompson

Man, I am absolutely floored by how perfect this picture is.

Seriously, I think I just gotta go think about this for a while, and come back and talk later...


Holy moley. This is really, really great! I love the hair, especially the lady on the right. Gorgeous curls. Fashionably dressed as well.

I. J. Thompson

Okay, I think I've finally collected my thoughts. :D

What we've got here is, at the risk of sounding glib, two individuals. Two pretty girls, to be sure, but two different individuals. You look at them, and you know them. I should say that I didn't request any particular clothing, any particular stance or context - there was a little discussion about Jyll's hair, and the height difference between the two, and there are prior portraits of Fi. Everything here is all from the artist, and all based on pages of prose from the Tapestry game. Mr. Black is a player in that game, and I'm thrilled to see that, from reading (and interacting with) what I've written, he knows these characters as well as I do.

Jyllis (on the right) is regal, elegant... but not 'stiff'. Clearly, a lady who knows how to have fun. And Dredwulf60, you're absolutely right - it's almost like you could reach out and grab that hair! Look at the colours on that dress, how it fades from gold to red... almost like a metallic fabric. And the shoes! I understand that feet can be hard to draw - but to top it with a fancy shoe design! I'm blown away. These costumes are entirely Evan - I gave no notes at all about what to do there. But from his understanding of the character, he's come up with a costume design that's exactly right.

But then, he's also given me another character! Fi (on the left) is my principal character in Tapestry, and one that Evan and I have known for almost five years now. Every word I've written for five years is all here - the active stance, the friendly tilt of the head, the easy smile coupled with a slight hint of sadness behind the eyes, the sexy-but-functional wardrobe... I honestly can't describe what it's like to see a character I've known so well given form so absolutely accurately.

If somebody asked me to describe Fiola Shaku and/or Jyllis Tromso in ten words or less, I wouldn't need to say a single word at all; I'd just hand them this picture.

Thank you.

Evan Black

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