Wookiee Bandit Hunter

Coho`orcwa Rhworar`cworc, a Wookiee bandit hunter... requested by SWCwookiee.


That background is wicked. Love the squinty eyes too. That was a great choice in trace color...the yellow makes it pop. You have wonderful detail hidden by hair...like the lines in the hands. Very nice


Righteous. I dig it. Flawless handling all around - I might have been tempted to show sword hilts peeking out behind him for the request, but thats no criticism of this piece.


Actually, I was tempted to do the same, but I discovered it had a more refined look without them.

Thanks guys! I think I want to play this character sometime...


Lord Crumb

He looks like Liam Neeson with a lot more hair but good.

Kia kaha
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