A Couple of Corpulent Crime Lords

It was supposed to be the greatest triumph of their criminal careers and of their marriage: Obar and Seema Mull had wrested control of a derelict Venator-class star destroyer. They refurbished it and turned it into a shadowport known as Mull Station, their very own wretched hive of scum and villainy.

But running the place had a price; some call it a curse. Over time the Mulls grew frustrated and enraged with each other about how to run the station, but neither wanted to give up what they had fought so hard to achieve. There was only one solution: split the station down the middle and let all the smugglers and cutthroats decide which side they wanted to visit. The Mulls color coded the station: a red motif for Obar Mull and his entourage; blue for Seema's court. The starfighters and shipboard forces were divided evenly down the middle as well.

Too bad for that extra trooper...

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