Knights Antillus

On the march.


Wow, this looks like a piece of genuine Lucas-approved concept art!



Thanks, folks! :D

I have a deep fondness for little lights in dark places, haha, I guess it kinda shows!

It's a 'long' piece, so these are the dimensions that SWAG resized it to to fit within the constraints of the site I guess, Jace-- if you really would like to see it at higher res for whatever reason, feel free to pm me your email and I'd be happy to send it to you at a much larger size!

ndjarnag- there actually isn't a lot of story behind this one, at least not yet! Just some concepts thrown at me by the GM, combined with a few half-thoughts of my own... something that may or may not appear in the future of our game, though! Depending on what the GM does with it.


Great piece I really like the effects of light and shadow within this piece. ;)
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