Dar Kyram in action.

"Stand back ladies...this might get messy."

Based on the character concept and awesome armour costume of Darryl Vincent.


Niiiiiiiiice scene!!

I can't help but giggle at the Zeltron, there. XD "I make mortal peril look good!"

What's the species of that one-eyed nasty piece of work?


Excellent work Dredwulf.
And Tusserk, if I'm not mistaken, that's an Abyssin.
Is the white lady an Arkanian though?


@AnarchangelYep...Abyssin is the race. The white lady is an Arkanian 'offshoot'...hence the pointed ears and the 4 fingers+thumb.

lol@Tusserk. Yeah, Zeltrons are like that. I kind of imagine them like the muscle guys who can't help flex when you ask them which way to the beach.

I. J. Thompson

Who knew an Abyssin could look sheepish?! :D This is awesome.

Also, if you can hook yourself up with a manufacturer, you could probably make a killing selling those Zeltron boots. :P


Right on, man! This is great work - you are comin' alive with that new Tablet, lol! I have to agree, that armour is wicked sweet!


ha ha. Best. Compliment. Ever.

I'll be sure to pass it on to the guy who actually spent the time making that very suit.


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