A Friendly Game of Sabacc

Scene features some of our Sparks players including: Jynx, ChiChi, Vandin, Kas'Tor, and Chimera (not including the Cather).As requested by my friend Tony.


Do my eyes deceive me, or did someone bet their lightsaber!?

Very cool pic...I wish I was able to do large group pieces like this...well...I guess I could...but I wish I could do them this well :P


Friendly, huh? :)

But seriously. Great artwork! It oozes the natural ambiance of a evening of card gaming between friends. Actually, take out the aliens and you have my gaming team right there!

Kinda reminds me of Coolidge's oil painting, "Dogs playing poker". You know the one I mean?



Does the girl standing on the left remind anyone else of Akima from Titan AE?
Great picture tho, looks like Foxy McFox is winning!


I really like the pose the (I hope I spell this right) Lepi character is doing. It just seems so natural. The cigar was a nice touch.

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