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I really need help on the base figure of the laser sniper, any tips?

Mostly Its for a RPG project and the others are gonnna be pissed when they that one of our classical characters cant be drawn up by the group artist,

Sorry if this bumps or something,



I tend to look up lots of pictures on Google image search - both for figure studies and for tech. Brilliant resource for artists, I tell you!!


thanks, I wish I could submit art on here, but the guild application keeps on going faulty


The pic is awesome!

I would say I would shoot a pic of what I want from a bunch of different angles and with the flash on and off in diff lighting. That way you don't run into plagerism which you can get into even with stock photos.

But it also adds a vantage that you may not be able to get from images found on the web. Also, I would reccomend a visit to a gun shop and ask to do a few quick drawings or take pics of details. ASK. Especially in a gun shop!

I find most people don't mind and are proud to help, though they may want permission to use the final art in their store.

I've done this before with character concepts for both sci-fi, western, and fantasy designs. Getting up close and learning how things work add in elements to your drawing, such as the proper way to hold the weapon or how it would be used in a real life situation. It may give you ideas about setting as well.


Thanks for the advice it really helped,
Guys:the concept is actually by Kurt Papstein, so dont credit me, but the outcome from me is similar...
Mercy: I did try but I wanty a swampy look, Though I did get some nice shots
Jynxie: I did go to a toy store looked at Nerf guns, and the staff did help alot.

I can't seem to get my art on SWAG, I have problems with the Guild Application. I will PM Eclipse.


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