Jai-Li Zhao

Request from Xanamiar;

"This girl is extremely double jointed everywhere, and she's Chinese, born and raised. At 5 years of age she was enrolled in a martial arts school,and has learned many forms. She's in her 20's now, and I want to give her a classy/high tech style Here is a pic of what I'm thinking as far as outfit, only add your own flair to it. As far as her face, a very cute pleasant asian face.. something along the lines of this Once again, your own style works.. As far as eye color whatever you want.. I'll make her off of your pic. Hair needs to be long and jet black. The other thing I'd love her to have is 2 metallic fan's that have the shine of a blade. They are what she uses as weapons."



fwhoa! WOW the costume is WONDERFUL! great job here

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Lord Crumb

Absolutely wonderful. I am at a loss for words. Princess Leia would wish to look that good and the blossoms are a nice touch. Thumbs-up.

-LC :-)


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