The Omega Project: Prologue


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Even before our campaign ended, I was fairly decided on the fact that I wanted to retell the story in some fashion or other, and eventually decided that I'd try my hand at pulling it together in the form of a comic. I can't let myself think to hard about the time it would hypothetically take to actually get it all out; at my current pace I'd need at least half a dozen lifetimes to work through the whole story.

Still, this is something I want to do, and will continue to do for as long as my heart is with it. I chip away at it, tiny bit by tiny bit, in between the mounds of other 'spare time' projects I've got going on, most of which take precedence for one reason or another. I've got pages and pages of sketches, layouts, snippets of writing, and finally I've got the prologue done, and I'm largely pleased with it.

Even though for now these pages rest in my mind as 'done', I'm still most definitely open to criticisms of the constructive sort. :D



Brilliant! Every gamer's dream, the comic book. Very well done, and I look forward to more! Excellent writing too.


SO. MUCH. WORK. Super kudos for this kind of project! That's intense! And very high quality, as always!