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Heeeey, let's see me having a go at one of these WIP style blogs!

Admittedly, I've been a little slow lately. I have an overcommitment problem, and I know it!! Not to mention the fact that I've decided to have another go at NaNoWriMo this year... why do I do these things to myself!?! But anyway, I AM actually still squeezing in drawing time, and I AM planning to actually get finished with some of these requests I have sitting around taking up forum space, not to mention the 3982749870981 things I still intend to draw one day for my beloved campaign!

This one especially I'm wanting to blog-er-ise, because since it's a completely custom droid that in no way pre-exists in the SW universe I do want to make sure I'm taking it somewhere in the direction that the requester hopes.


Update 02/01/11 : Yeeeah, this one's taking me a while I know, sorry Vicious! Thanks heaps for your patience, this is really one of those pieces that I have to be in the right mood for or I just get nowhere! Anyway, just had more of a play with colours, seeing how things might look if I went all out and attempted a reflected-sunset-cityscape. Too ambitious for a polished piece? Quite possibly. We'll see how I go.

Update 27/06/11 : Okay, the lapse of time between updates on this one is just plain embarrassing! Buuuut, I decided I might need to start afresh to get into gear with finishing this one; I think I like this design/pose a fair amount better. I'm a little happier with the 'mechanical' aspects here, and a LOT happier with the 'reptilian' - got that shrewd lizard head-tilt going on, aaand the overall build of the droid is a bit more 'solid', more in line with what few visual references of katarns seem to exist.

Update 08/07/11 : Lines!!

Update 13/07/11 : Still loving the colours I played around with months ago on the earlier design; thinking I might stick with them for this version. Background veeery rough, ugh, I am no good at buildings. Never gonna get better if I never attempt to draw them, though...

Update 29/07/11 : Better buildings! I think? I hope. And a wee bit more colour.



Looks like a mechanical boga. :D lol. I want one for Christmas.

The GM knows the will of the force.


Looks really neat! Droid Lizard!

It will be cool to see the definition forms in finer detail as you sketch this guy out as your go along :)

Kinda reminds me a bit of Dino Riders, a long forgotten cartoon from the 80's era, about a science team crash landing their ship on a pre-historic earthen type planet, that had Dinosaurs in which they built mechanical electronic harnesses that allowed the riders to ride and control their new steeds.

Guess i'm curious, is this lizard going to be fully hard metal body? or some rubberized joint caps? or will there be similated reptile hide for the main body with sculpted hard metal plating ontop of the faux hide? Lots of choices there!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


Thanks! Heh, just fooling around a bit with the colour really, getting a feel for the metal and making sure the non-metal 'joints' wouldn't look too out of place. Part of me wants to go all out and try to do a night time cityscape reflected in the metal... and the rest of me says I will NEVER get this thing finished if I try that!

We shall see.

Oh, and TNJ- Dino Riders!! I LOVED those things, me and my big brother used to be nuts for them. I still have my beloved saber toothed tiger (sadly all the wicked armour has long since vanished) from the 'ice age' series, sitting on my bookshelf. Pretty chuffed to see the sketch reminding you of such an epic line of toys. ;)

And it looks like I'm gonna go with a laaaargely solid metal body, with just a few bits of rubber (or whatever 'rubber' is in the Star Wars universe, I assume there's some cute gimmicky name for it or similar substances) visible in some of the joints.

Vicious the Jester

KT-1!! She's looking good. It's very fitting that you're doing her in metallic colors. The original (KT-1) was built with "spare parts" (albeit, very high quality spare parts). KT-2 is currently being built in a droid factory and with upgrades, including stealth coating (so she'll be navy blue) and jump "jets" (actually an anti-grav unit). She's the size of a real Katarn, so she's as big as a horse (My character rides her on occasion, but that requires that she sit over the concealed blaster cannon it KT's back, so it's not feasible during combat, or when combat might be imminent.)

As it happens, KT-1 is helping build KT-2.

Glad you're having fun with this.

Vicious the Jester

Looks good! I'm looking forward to seeing this progress. The WIP blog is interesting. I like seeing how things change as they go.

On a side note, KT is currently working as head of security at the droid factory. KT-2 had to be put on hold in favor of an order placed by Hutts. Things are heating up between the Vong and the Hutts, and as the Hutts are the ones who gave me the factory (an entire factory world to be exact), we've gotta keep them happy.

The campaign just went on temporary haitus. The GM is a CPA and tax season just started for him and he puts in a lot of hours until April and doesn't GM during that time (he's less reliable to show up on gaming nights, but for good reasons). With any luck, right when the GM comes back, maybe KT will be done.

Thanks again!

Vicious the Jester

Yeah, the new looks very good. I liked where the older ones were going, but I agree that there's a bit of an "upgrade" here. I like!


I WISH I could do that digitally, Asok! Right now I've got felt tip pens of three different sizes that I work with... I'm still not nearly as steady as I'd like to be, but I'm getting better at working out what I need to do/use to get the look I want.


I think the reason he asked Tussy, is because they are so perfectly straight, it looks impossible that you did it by hand. I've got to say, you have AWESOME line work for using a pen. Looks perfect, like it is digital.


This is a million times cooler than the original pic you started - great work! Stunning colors!!