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Okay sooo, we've had a bit of fun lately while campaigning on Tatooine, first our GM surprised us all with a home-made Sandcrawler, complete with gridded interior compartments and two levels to have encounters on, and then he enlisted my help to build a Krayt Dragon to surprise the rest of the party with in a battle last night.

We love playing on maps with minis, probably because we're a group that's very very VERY prone to distraction (thereby making encounters phenomenally easier to keep track of), but we also roleplay a lot of hanging-out-on-the-ship downtime, and just being able to keep track of where everyone's at, watching us move through the ship and the like, just really helps with the visualisation and focus of things.

So yeah, we have a lot of fun with our minis, our home-made ship map, and this morning hanging out on the beach re-enacting battles with our little toys. Where better to share it all with everyone than in a blog?

----> OKAY so um last session GM upped the ante a little and we transformed our dining room table into a sand-filled walled fortress of horror. Complete with sandworms popping out of the ground. At one stage someone had the genius idea to drip red food dye across the sand every time someone died/was horribly wounded, and it didn't take long before things started looking kind of horrific.



'Serious' is one word for it, I guess, haha!

I am starting to dread the idea that he might one day get it into his head to take our crew to Kashyyk. NO PAPER MACHE TREES IN THE HOUSE. I DRAW THE LINE.


(Except for that little part of me that desperately wants to fill our house with paper mache trees. What is wrong with me.)


LOL.... Go to the little big engine store...

Toy Train stores have really nice plastic trees ...

Fill the house with those.. :)