Bothan Knife-Fighter [WIP]


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If you haven't worked it out yet, I am a very distractable, non-linear sort of artist. XD I can easily have over a dozen pieces in various stages of progress lying around the house, and it is very very very rare that I'll work on a single image, start to finish, without pausing to dabble with another at some point.

This is the current scrawl I've got going for this here abandoned request. I have to admit I was really taken by the work Gith started on the request, something about the 'over the shoulder' look spoke to me I guess, and it's half the reason I wanted to take it up and do my own version despite the request being a bazillion years old! My default take on bothans is generally always the more leonine look.

Update: Started to refine the picture a little, but I'm not entirely sure I want to keep going with it. Had a go with a completely different pose that I'm somewhat more comfortable with... but now I'm having trouble getting the sneer on his face just right! And am finding myself having to research Bothan dentition. Do we know what sort of teeth these guys have??

Update: Starting to fill in some more detail on the second pose. Mostly happy with where it's going, still not sure about the knife in his left hand- may yet go with both held backhanded?



Even as the rough it is, it looks like he's a true tooth and nail, full-grit scoundrel. One who is always looking for a fight, my guess being...