Trooper Comic WIP


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Hello all, haven't been on this for a bit. I want to do a trooper and jedi comicbook. At first it's going to start out as 6 pages and will go from there. Here is an underpainting of the piece I still have several hours left on this but I did it from scratch and am sort of happy with it. Enjoy, when I get to rendering the piece I will go into further details about the story.



Here's an update with the trimmings. This is more a teaser, the comic is still in idea mode but I haven't done anything in a couple weeks and wanted to mess around with an idea I had since the last clonewar thing I did.


I love it, Steve! The clone in the front looks spot-on, amazing detail, and the scenery, background and lightning add a lot of great emotion and atmosphere to the piece. The choice of yellow, green and red colors is great as well, in many ways this reminds of the True Colors cover, but in the best of senses. ;) These colors flow so nicely together, that this really looks perfectly splendid to me.

Keep it up, bro, you have a big career ahead with these skills!