Il Modaen Jedi Watchman of the Stern Cluster


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Il Modaen was the Jedi Watchman for the Stern Cluster until 22 BBY. His disappearance led to Jedi Ty Cannic and Cierra Reylen's being dispatched to the Stern Cluster to look for him. Modaen had a talent for technology and was mechanically minded, much like other Jedi such as Cay Qel-Droma and Anakin Skywalker.

Modean discovered the fortress on Corridor known as Mount Celadriss. Exploring, he came across a vault inside containing a number of intriguing artifacts and machines, many of them actually Sith artifacts. His curiosity proved too much for him and he began to study the devices, learning things forbidden to the Jedi such as the mechu-deru and Sith Alchemy. Modean emerged from the fortress, transformed by the power of the artifacts into the Dark Jedi known as Maalaryon.

haven't finished coloring this one. Inspired by Force Unleashed.



That's looking good - finally a face for him! Although his saber looks curiously small, in some way.


Yeah it is rather small. He has saber envy which turns him evil. No, sometimes I focus on the face background and either forget to fix things or are just to dang tired and want to finish so I rush.