First Contact Cover Progress


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Cover for Darkfall Ascension - The Clone Wars part of the DF Saga. Went back to traditional with the pencils although the coloring is photoshop. I drew this up several weeks ago so you can see it's not as polished as the new stuff. I'm planning on making it painterly with painter 10. The body position of the twilek with is from a basketball ad I thought was interesting.



That looks kickass, bro, especially the Twi'lek!

What sepcies is the guy in the left? I can't quite place it...

The shading and lightning is really great. Oh, and I would leave it that way, especially if you're going for a lineart-less style in the comic itself. Many comic covers have a different art style than the interior, so I'd stick with the lineart on the cover, and only polish it up a bit. ;)