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What's a Star Wars story without a seedy bar?

Crackens Crew The Invisible War is a fancomic I do over at and where you can see a lot of my sketches and panelwork. I have been working on issue #1 for the past two years and have 2 more pages left. I work from a script and speak to the writer Keith Kappel and thumb up ideas and pencil it out and then ink and color. Ryan Brooks is also a big help because he helps flat the pages. They both started the site and comics ideas. It's actually a great source for rpg sourcebook material.

Drawing the comic has been an experience. Never did panel work before and haven't sat down and read comics in awhile but have always wanted to do graphic novels. SO I started reading about sequential storytelling and was floored with how many things are involved. Rhythm, flow and expression was something I had never considered before. Not to mention fitting story elements and everything else into little boxes. Issue #2 is planned for early 2008 and will have the benefit of the crash course I did in Issue #1.



Nice job, I must say my favorite version of this is actually the first sketch, especially the Devaronian looks cooler.

But the finished one's awesome nonetheless.


I get what you're saying, it's a shame that even with digital means, you can't get exactly the same result as with the pencils.