Been a long time...

I am so glad you guys are back online and accepting images again! It's funny I look at my old stuff I did here and look at my newer stuff and I have definetly improved. I am almost thinking about deleting some of the junkier images to make room for the 50+ images I now have.



Welcome back man. This has been a common request, and as such if you decide to move on that, let me know and I'll give you the ability to, but keep in mind that I re-organized the galleries to show your improvement as an artist, from newest work to oldest. Again, just a point I wanted to make. Let me know if you need to do some editting.




After all that time checking back in week after week, then month after month. I never erased the SWAG link from my toolbar (I used to check it every day when it was online). It's so great to see it back up!



Yeah, same for me... it's awesome y'all are back, some of the greatest and most original SW art around here! :D


I totally agree, in fact I jumped over to Deviantart because this site closed up, I was heartbroken. I love the new interface, very nice design!
Every now and then over the past year or two I would get emails from people still seeing my work from this site. Thanks so much for opening the site back up.