The Vourren

The Vourren are an insectoid species who co-habitate the planet Mantithea with the Aquavians. Their hind-most pair of their six limbs are what they use for fine motor manipulation. This pair of limbs also sports razor sharp blade-claws, which they use expertly to render meat. They are a ravenous species with an extremely high metabolism. They are carniverous and must eat very frequently.

They are an advanced space faring species, driven by the need to find new food sources. The have developed small agile starfighters and variety of capital ships that allow them to literally swarm victims or prey. On occasion, as is the case with the Min, they have targeted sentient species as livestock and have nearly wiped out several races in the Unknown Regions.

For reasons unknown, they leave the Aquavians alone for the most part. The two species actually know very little of each other, though they share the same planet.